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I hate cyclists?

It's a controversial way to start my first ever blog but maybe it got your attention. If you are reading this you're  probably thinking what's he going on about! I'm sure he cycles and he's a driving instructor! Why the strong statement? I love cycling being out in the fresh air, rolling along the gears humming as the chain passes over them, the buzz of the tyre over smooth Tarmac. Stopping at the top of a hill to admire the view before diving down a twisting decent. So why do I hate cyclists? I don't hate all the cyclists and I agree as car drivers we have to share the road with them . I hate cyclists that are out cycling on a clear sunny day when I'm sat in my car working, I sit in my car following them down the surrey roads wishing it was me. I hate cyclists that are sat outside a cafe having a coffee talking about the routes they've taken and where they are going next, as I drive round and round with my learners perfecting their skills. I hate cyclists that jump red lights!! To be honest anyone who jumps lights car driver, van driver or cyclist are stupid. Do they not think of the impact of their actions on others? On the pedestrian who had started to cross the pedestrian crossing to almost be run over, on the lorry driver who has to stop his HGV  suddenly. So let me finish with my bold statement of I hate cyclists! I hate them when they ride on footpaths without a care of pedestrians, when they jump off the pavement without looking, when they don't wear crash helmets (that's just stupid) my wife doesn't like cyclists coasting downhills! So really I don't hate cyclists I'm jealous of them when I'm working! Now let's clarify I'm a driving instructor so I spend all day teaching people how to share the road with others safely! Cyclists are allowed to ride 2 a breast it's even in the Highway Code! That book nobody has read since they passed their driving test! Why do they do it? Well it's safer, as a driver they are more visible, you have to go the other side of the road to pass them therefore less likely to hit them!  Yes it slows drivers journey down but maybe that's a good thing we all need to slow down.Highway Code cyclists As for slowing down, if we all slow down more often rush less there would be less accidents in general. With our roads having a large increase in the number of accidents perhaps we should all slow down a bit!Casualty increase Maybe we should stop driving so much cycle a bit more, enjoy some of surreys lanes and cafes at a slower more leisurely pace. Remember we all share the roads so wether we drive cycle or walk we all have a right to use the roads and paths. So let's not HATE anyone and realise we are all trying to enjoy surrey
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